JaCobi S.

when the world wasn’t being populated by humans it was populated by bananas. They walked talked and were alive.
This Halloween a banana named Bob went cannibal on Barbra. The cops came and arrested Bob for eating Barb. When Bob broke out of jail he was a zombie banana.

The more that the banana’s were infected. Bite after bite after bite. Soon the banana race could be wiped out. There was a group of survivors that had 50 banana’s.They got attacked by a horde 5 survived and the very next day a zombie rain storm came if you hide the zombannas would still find you. next morning there was 2 survivors. Becky and Jim.

The next morning they found a firetruck. They went to N.Y.C they had a hard time on the bridge was the hardest part they ever faced in their life. They finished the bridge and went to the Twin Banana’s.
In the banana’s there was a group of 3. The zombanna’s weren't a problem. They just got pushed out the window. They didn’t know why, but the zombanna’s were slowly disappearing Becky and Jim went on a run.They heard noises. They removed the drain potwhole lid. Becky dropped a flare down when they saw thousands’ of zombanna’s they put 2 propane tanks down there and dropped a C-4 down and ran click click click click click BOOM! They were destroyed. they went into the banana zombanna’s everywhere. Jim and Becky went outside and when they heard a helicopter they screamed at it crashed into the building.
Becky and Jim got blown up by a fighter jet.
The banana race was wiped out for good. except for the 3 on the other side of the world.Mason,JaCobi and a teacher were learning how to do 9+10. Story 2 coming soon rise Of The Potatoes!!!!